Sunday, 30 June 2013

the tale of the poor pigeon

I wasn't really going to do a post on this, but then I remembered the reason why I blog about my pups at all... this is my diary on them, on what they get up to in their little lives :)

So, lets all start the tale of the poor pigeon. My girls killed one. That's right, killed it! I was horrified and they definitely could tell that it was something they was not supposed to do again. They have quite a strong chase instinct, and living in the countryside and all we have numerous birds visiting our garden every day. Jess will usually do a bit of a chase and a bit of a bark and then the bird will fly away but this time, they caught up with it and before the poor pigeon had chance to fly away, it was in my girls mouths. They didn't bite it or maul it... it had no blood on it what so ever and was fully intact, they just treated it like it was a toy and ran with it, but when you're a fragile animal that was enough to kill it.

They've never done anything like that before but my dad being quite the bird lover meant there was some awkwardness that evening! Me and the girls swiftly got out of the house for another walk to get out of the way!

In other news, here's a picture of Molly doing a winky face... who couldn't forgive this?

Don't worry about the muck on her, she was fetching her ball in the bushes and this was the mess :)

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