Sunday, 18 August 2013

introducing the baby

Baby Scarlet, my new and adorable little niece has officially arrived! This little 5lb bundle has the whole family wrapped around her little finger, however, I was always slightly worried how J&M would react... they had never seen a baby or heard one cry!

Scarlet has now been to our house a couple of times, I have to say Molly has surprised me by being a lot better than I expected. Not to say, Jess has been bad, she's just a lot more nosy! So when we try and give the baby some space, when she's sleeping for example, Jess will whine so loud if she's not close to Scarlet. It's not a protective thing at the moment, I think it's purely curiosity that both girls have! Like I said, they've never seen one so I'm guessing it could be quite confusing to see such a tiny human being and everyone fuss over them. 

J&M are getting a lot of praise for being good, Molly went in to a lie command as Scarlet lay in her car seat ready to leave, she was a very good girl :) We're also making sure the girls aren't kept away from the baby and that they're allowed to sniff her, but once they've had their time they then need to give her space! It's definitely a work in progress but I'd say by the time she's crawling they girls should be pretty used to what a baby is :)

As we was in training mode, I took no pictures of Scarlet, Jess & Molly so here's some of Molly (and a couple with Jess) in the garden - 

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  1. Stacy....
    Congrats, Friend!! Being an Auntie is so much fun!! My niece {Known as Little Munchkin on Beautifully Unique!!} is one year old, and we all love, love, love her!! ;-D
    Little Munchkin also likes dogs, so she adores Rose!! ;)
    May I offer some advice? Make sure that you are giving Jess and Molly plenty of attention!! Why? Because they might become jealous of baby Scarlet!! ;-D
    --Raelyn and Rose