Monday, 26 August 2013

little miss accident prone

So little Miss Molly is out of action again! I was thinking only the other day how long it had been since she'd been injured and I was thinking maybe we had turned a corner and my eternal puppy had grown up and started to act more careful.... this wasn't to be! On Sunday, out walk consisted of Molly diving, leaping, bouncing & jumping! The next day she was in her bed holding her paw up and then started limping, she seems much better today (day 2 of no fetch or walkies) but we're not taking chances and she's taking it easy until it's healed or it's another visit to the Doc. She had such a fun walk on Sunday and I love seeing her so carefree and happy and bouncy but this dog sure doesn't know when to stop haha


  1. Stacy....
    Oh dear!! I do hope that Molly's injury heals up quickly!! ;op
    --Raelyn and Rose

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