Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Crufts 2014

This year, I had the wonderful experience of attending Crufts with my Mum. It was fantastic, I got a whole load of goodies (I actually don't think I bought anything but 2 goodie bags at £2 each for the whole day!).

It was such a huge boost for my training inspiration with the girls, all of a sudden I wanted to train them to the 10's, make them obedient, good at agility etc haha! 

Me and Mum decided to stay the weekend in Birmingham so we could fully experience it without having to have a long drive back home, it made the whole thing like a mini holiday and I really needed the break, even though I missed my puppies, I really can't fault the weekend at all.

Olympic athletes, broadway stars and superstar dogs were all involved ;) no joke! 

I'm all for animal rights and I truly believe that most dogs who attend Crufts are happy ones. 

The dogs who get to dance, police dogs, obedience dogs, agility dogs etc, they are doing what they love and getting the praise to go with it. 

Show dogs on the other hand, I'm still 50/50 on where my views stand with it. I never saw any unhappy dogs, but I think if it was my pups getting judged on how they stand and them being perfect etc, I'm not sure they'd like it too much! 

I think I have my Crufts love well and truly satisfied now... maybe I should try Scrufts next time? ;)

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