Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Goodies from Crufts

One of my favourite things about Crufts is that they do give out quite a lot of things either for free or for a lot cheaper than you will get elsewhere. It satisfy's my love of a good bargain :) 

I got what I could carry this year, and I spent a maximum of £4! Pretty impressive really!

I do wish I bought a few more things, like dog toys etc however, I know that things like that I can get for the same amount in Pets at home, so I'm not too bothered. 

I won't lie, the frisbee's which were free were pretty rubbish, me and Molly got one play time with them, thats all it lasted! I am most excited about the dog shampoo for some reason, I still haven't had chance to use it, which the girls are pretty happy about but I am interested in finding out whether it makes them smell so sweet!

The fishy treats were a big surprise... they are the only dog treats I've ever come across that Jess has eaten straight off. 

This year, there was a good mixture of human and dog items that were given out, I was impressed with the chocolate until I remembered I'm currently on Lent and it's one thing I've given up until Easter Sunday! 

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