Sunday, 13 April 2014

Exerting oneself is not a good idea!

This past weekend as the weather was so nice me, Jess and Molly spent extra time at the field, I got Molly a new frisbee as the ones I picked up at Crufts were exactly what you expect when you get something for free! 

Now, this new frisbee, she absolutely loves it! She rolls over in her enthusiasm to get it, leaps in the air with so much energy in the hope to catch it and she will keep on going until I can see she needs a break. 

Well she did that both today and yesterday and now my poor little puppy now seems to be aching all over. I feel so bad, she's on a rest day tomorrow, no fetch just a light leashed stroll whilst her muscles relax again and hopefully we can be back at the field again in a couple of days when she's back to being rip top condition 

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