Monday, 21 April 2014

our walkies through the iPhone & Vitamins for dogs

I went through a slight phase of constantly snapping pictures of my dogs every day walks and putting them on instagram! I'm still slightly obsessed however my love for my big camera has come back ten-fold (finally). I think it's because it is just so convenient with my phone, I have to take it anyways! Plus, sometimes, since I walk them on my own a lot, it is something that entertains me, Molly has the fetch, Jess has the smells and I have the picture taking = Win - win - win!

As our walkies have gone up a step now that Spring/Summer is with us, Molly is exercising so much more and the poor puppy is feeling the effects afterwards when we are relaxing. 
I've ordered some joint tablets for dogs and once received, I might do a little review on how/if they help with her stiffness after walks. I hope so! She loves fetch so much and will do it till she drops, but I can't keep her doing it if it means she's struggling afterwards!

Also, two days ago on our walk, Jess came within 2 ft of a massive rabbit. They both just stared at each other frozen haha! Jess didn't move and the rabbit didn't move, just stared at each other until I called her away! It was funny seeing my little stubborn madam froze to the spot for a rabbit, I know if it would have run her instincts would have got her to chase it so I suppose everything worked out quite good :) 

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