Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dog Camp

The time is getting closer and closer.... I leave for Mexico soon for my Brothers wedding. I am beyond excited and looking forward to having this time to relax, eat and have a ridiculous amount of fun, having said that I'm so anxious as my beautiful girls have to stay at home in England. Obviously I can't bring them on an 11 hour flight to stay at a resort, cost and sheer craziness wouldn't allow it... although I have thought of it ;)

I am sending them to Doggie Camp, it's a farm and they had a brief stay for 3 nights in July when I went to York for a graduation. I really do not have anything bad to say about the camp, Molly's confidence grew ten-fold in just 4 short days, they smelt like a dog through and through when I picked them up but they seemed happy and not stressed, which is all I ask for really.

I did bother them a bit by ringing in the evenings to check on them... I'm guessing I'll be spending money on expensive phone calls when I'm in Mexico too ;)

The thing I am worried about is that I have never gone 2 weeks without them in the entire time they have been part of my life... for Molly, that is the moment she was born! If it wasn't that it was for my Brothers wedding I would have definitely only been away for one week maximum.

So lets see how it goes... I'm hoping when I go to collect J&M they're going to stick like a dog, huge grin and be happy, happy, happy! My girls have gone to three holiday camps in there time and people normally ask me how do I know whether they enjoy it or hate it... I just know! The first one they went to, I spent a fortune! It was the most expensive in the area and named the 'dog hotel'... when I picked the girls up, they was stressed, yelping and strangely, ran straight past me trying to get in the car. I never ever took them back there again (they also misplaced an expensive blanket of mine and said it was my own risk by sending it to them, I said I sent it with the dogs so they had the smell of home, and they told me they misplaced it when they was washing it.... shocking and I'm still annoyed at that company many years later).

The last two they've been too, they came out, ran straight to me, tails wagging... that's how I know. You learn to read your dogs behaviour whilst they're still in the dog camp setting.

The third camp they went to is the one we are revisiting. I'm nervous and I know I will miss them so so much, two weeks in luxury and they are the best thing to want to come home too!

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