Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The dog trainer;;

So as we realised something needed to be done about the girls behaviour I did a lot of searching online for close by dog trainers that knew a thing or two about dogs and why they act up. The one that seemed reputable was a large company that train dogs up and down the country, unfortunately, it's £345 a go.
We realised it was our last ditch attempt and sorting everything (which is quite a scary thought) but it had to be done.
When the man came for a 3 hour session my dad inparticular was dubious, he thought it was a waste of a lot of money and nothing would change... thankfully, he seems to be very, very wrong :-)
I don't know what this man did to my dogs but it seems to be working pretty quickly!
The girls were terrified when he was around (although they liked him) but it shocked me to realise their self confidence is so low and thats the reasons for our problems.
He left on sunday, today is tuesday. Both girls now walk to heel and even better Molly's yelping has completely stopped! So far it's been worth every single penny.

It's safe to say that at the moment I'm on proud mum.

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