Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Getting to know Molly;;

Name: Molly
Hometown: Manchester
Owned by: Stacey
Breed(s): Mixed Breed
Nickames: Moll, Moll Boll, Bolly Boo, Monkey, Muffin, Munchkin.
Arrival story: Born on Halloween into the family she will stay with. The quiet but largest puppy, she was the first for everything - opening her eyes, walking etc.

Favorite food: Everything! She will literally eat everything.

Special talents or skills: Jumping! She can jump as high as 6ft which is pretty good for a dog that barely hits knee height.

Best trick: Beg, she's learnt that trick will get her just about anything.

Favorite toy: Wubba's and tennis balls - I swear her dad was a retriever!

Special honors or achievements: Climbing a mountain.

Most annoying habit: Yelping! But we're working on that.

Hobbies: Fetching, fetching, fetching, oh, and robbing food.

Best friend: Momma Jess.

 Most expensive item ever chewed: A couch and a mattress.

In a movie about Molly’s life, what actor provides her voice? G I Janes - She's isn't exactly the most feminine of dogs.

 If Molly were in high school, who would he sit with at lunch (jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, etc.)? Freaks - Social outcasts.

What’s Molly’s most embarrassing moment – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to Molly? Getting us kicked off a mountain.

If Molly were a superhero, what would her special power be? Flying! She can already make pretty incredible heights so definitely flying.

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