Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Getting to know Jess;;

Name: Jess
Hometown: Manchester
Owned by: Stacey
Breed(s): Mixed Breed
Nickname: Jessie, Bessie, Jess Bess, Bessica, Jessica
Arrival story: Rescued on september 28th. She was pregnant, underweight and terrified. It's been an uphill struggle to make her confident and happy but we're getting there.
Favorite food: Meat or Cheese.
Special talents or skills: Being sneeky!

Best trick: Rolling over & Spinning.

Favorite toy: Soft toys that squeek & just recently the wubba.

Special honors or achievements: Climbing a mountain and being a mummy.

Most annoying habit: Getting over excited in the car.

Hobbies: Running!

Best friend: Her baby, Molly.

 Most expensive item ever chewed: Nothing - She's only ever chewed plastic or bones. Although one very precious item did get chewed beyond repair.

In a movie about Jess’s life, what actor provides his voice? The person who voiced Sassy in Homeward bound.

What’s Jess’s most embarrassing moment – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to Jess? Pooing in someone's front garden!

If Jess were a superhero, what would her special power be? To be invisible - She already gets away with so much cos she's so sneaky!

 If Jess were in high school, who would she sit with at lunch (jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, etc.)? Nerds

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