Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The tale of the Murderous Clippers

I've recently been doing a fair bit of research on how to clip our gorgeous dogs nails. In the past we find it impossible to trim Jess's, somehow she realises what it is and she's out the door in seconds, she starts to shake if you corner her and the whole things turns into an ordeal.

After a few attempts we gave up but after reading that nails that aren't trimmed regularly can lead to the dogs developing arthritis made me think I have to get this sorted.

Molly is much more easy going when it comes to her paws so I started with her. She was brilliant and willing and was happy for cuddles as a well done.

That was until the third nail... I overestimated and cut the quick!

She screamed in the highest pitch yelp I've ever heard come from her. She ran, which then meant blood was spotting everywhere and when I got a cloth I realised how much blood there was. Thankfully it stopped pretty soon and after many cuddles she was as fine and normal as ever.... but that didn't stop me from feeling like the worst dog owner all day.

Never again. Ever, ever! I'm biting the bullet and sending them to the dog groomers.

We've also had a breakthrough with the problem in the car which seems to be unbelievable! I hope it carries on because I was beyond proud after yesterdays walk.. I just hope they keep it up.

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