Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Gorgeous boy - 3 years have gone by

Although not a dog, I couldn't let the 3 year anniversary of losing my darling Rocky go by without mentioning it on here. He was my everything and most of all, my bestest friend and the only pet I would go from a small child in infants to a grown woman with. Nothing could ever change that bond.

It was through him that I wanted to write and note about the girls life. As I have written a diary on and off since the age of 8, reading back on memories, however small meant so much after he had gone and memories I had long forgotten was there in writing ready for me whenever I needed them. So that was why I wanted to remember so much of my girls.... as they're with us for such a short time in our life, I don't plan on forgetting the every day stuff that makes me love them so much.

So to Rocky, 3 years ago I had to say a very tearful farewell & I definitely won't forget.

If I recall correctly, this is the final picture, just a few short days before he was gone.
and to prove that I am still a "cat person" that he made me (although admittedly I'm also one hell of a dog nut too now) I've put some pictures of my brothers neighbours kitten, she's 6 months and has a thing about grass, she and her sister also have a habit of making themselves incredibly at home in my brothers new house by just strolling in as they own the place and relaxing at the top of the stairs :-)

I wish I had my current camera when Rocky was here!!

Those two kitties definitely reminded me how great cats are :-)
I also now understand why they say cats are graceful, they're so delicate compared to my girls.

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