Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The importance of one on one

Recently Molly has been a little down, I'm not 100% sure as to what it is but after watching over the dogs carefully I have noticed that Jess is alpha and what she says goes.

For example if Molly is playing with a toy, Jess has come over took the toy off her and Molly just sits there sad but as Jess has her own issues with toys I've learnt I can't correct her when she plays as she was never taught it when she was younger and the little play she does now could get ruined.

So I've come to the solution that I will have, every day, a portion of time that is Molly and Me time.
Maybe we'll have a game of fetch where we're the only one's in the room or we'll do a bit of training or play hide and seek... something that lets her be her without Momma coming in.

Come to think of it, her and Jess play together, sleep together, have walkies together, eat side by side together, have training together... they practically do everything together!

So it's probably best that they do get a one on one time with just humans. Jess too!
I've never had a mother - daughter duo before so I'm really just hoping this will work perfectly and everything will go great and back to normal..... I hope, hope, hope - I want my Molly's spark back!

Just as I was writing this post I lured Molly onto my bed where cuddled her till she was snoring, it made me realise how I don't do that enough - Both dogs sleep in my room every night but we never cuddle the way we did tonight, for once Jess didn't start crying because she wanted the attention and Molly got some uninturrupted time. I did worry I was mythering her though but once I stopped stroking and she would paw me to carry on I knew she was happy with the extra snuggle time so I did it till she slept :)

Here's hoping she'll be back to silly happy Molly on my next post!

We're off to the Plato tomorrow, she hasn't been in a while so I'm hoping that will cheer her up quite a bit!

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