Wednesday, 14 September 2011

poorly excerise

This past week has been sort of rough, I had a wisdom tooth ripped out in a particularly painful 30 minute appointment as it had been causing me some bother and afterwards I had a strange reaction to the painkillers which made me feel incredibly lethargic. The thing that made me feel the worst was seeing my little devils not get the exercise they need.

My parents have been on holiday in Scotland and there was only me to walk them but since I couldn't even sit up I just couldn't get the job done.

Thankfully since I was feeling slightly more human and definitely more myself today the girls got to get rid of that excess energy and run run run :-)

The only downside was that it was raining but it was either stay in and stay bored or get a little wet.
It was definitely worth it though and all 3 of us came home happy for a some Mash and sausages!

Below are pictures of the past month not from today (couldn't risk the cam in the soggy rain)

Molly also saw 3 other dogs on the walk and spotted them before I realised they was there - a while back all hell would have broke lose with this and Molly would be stressed, Jess would start crying and I would be embarrassed but amazingly she took one look and just didn't bother. I can't even explain it but it was crazy how she just didn't care. I hope she's finally realising doggies other than her mamma are great and worth a go. I was definitely proad though :-)

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