Saturday, 19 November 2011

Molly's weight story

It's not really a secret that my Molly is a greedy little thing when it comes to food - she has quite an appetite on her. Of course over time though I noticed that she had grown a pair of (ahem) boobs. I knew something wasn't right as Jess hadn't put on any weight and they both get the same diet & exercises.

So I looked a little closer at them eating and noticed then after I put the food down and I walked off to let them eat, Jess quite often (when she was purely on dog food) would refuse to eat her food and walk off.  Molly seeing this, would finish off her own dinner and then eat Jess's, which meant her weight gain was following closely behind as she could sometimes eat 4 meals a day!

But I'm happy and somewhat relieved to have noticed that after putting my girls on a home cooked diet, Jess has gained a healthy amount of weight and Molly is steadily losing the extra booby baggage.

She's looking much leaner and much more the size she is supposed to be.

There is still a bit that needs to be lost but I think we're definitely on the right path to getting both dogs weight to perfection!

 I know the health implications that can come for overweight dogs and my goodness I will avoid all that at every cost as I'm hoping to have two healthy, happy monsters for a long, long time!


  1. GREAT pictures!! I LOVE Molly's ears!! Cute, cute, CUTE!! :op
    Molly STEALS Jess' dogfood? The little THEIF!! ;-D
    That sounds like something my Rose would do.... As SHE is a greedy little thing when it comes to food, as well!! ;op

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