Monday, 14 November 2011

the office pup

Today at work a 4 month old pup was almost ran over by some collougees.

He was a staffie X and the sweetest, playfulest most gorgeos pup and I can't explain how much I wanted to walk home with him right there and then.

Of course with my dogs at the moment, and the training we need to undertake it just wasn't possible so I stopped my actual work and called a no kill dogs home to see if they had a spot available... and they did!

He wasn't microchipped and had no collar but seemed to come from a pretty good home (he could sit and give both paws on command which is really good for such a hyper active baby)

He was in the office for almost 4 hours and they came to take him away, I swear I was close to tears when the dog warden put him in his van and he even said "I'll sign him over to you right now if you want him?"

Of course I couldn't but everything in me wanted to keep him and I just have to pray his adopted to a great home that will love and spoil him!

Is it bad that I want one more pup?


  1. I discovered your blog today. My heart goes out to that poor homeless pup!! I hope and pray too that he is adopted by a loving family!! ;op
    What kind of dogs are Molly and Jess?

  2. I know, I was so sad seeing the dog warden put him in the cage in the car, I would have had him in a heart beat but at the moment my girls just arn't ready for a little brother :(

    The closest vets have been able to identify Jess is a Staff X Greyhound - she definitely has a staffie head but she's SO tiny, like a greyhound (and vets have agreed)

    Molly is a who knows what! I don't even have a clue but I personally think there has to be some sort of retreiver in her haha. Would LOVE to do a DNA test on her!

    Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross and a "Mystery Dog".... PERFECT!! My Rose is a "Mystery Dog" of the sorts. Based on research, guessing, and asking around, she's this BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE Beagle/German Shepherd cross!! ;op
    I LOVE mixed breed canines!! In MY opinion, they are THE BEST!!