Saturday, 26 November 2011

someone doesn't love bath time...

I think one day my two girls will learn that running through the slippiest and thickest mud in the field will result in bath time when we return home.

Sometimes it's as if they think that running through the puddles afterwards will be enough to clean the mud off but it never stops the bath time :-) Sometimes a smellydog just needs a cleaning!


  1. Ha, ha!! What a VERY amusing blog post, Stacey!! ;)
    My Rose sometimes ROLLS in.... WAIT FOR IT.... Raccoon scat, resulting in an EXTREME "Smellydog"!! EWWWW.... That is the ONLY TIME when she REFUSES to get any baths!! ;op
    Sometimes I wonder if canines actually ENJOY being stinky!!

  2. She does not look amused by the bath. After working so hard to absorb the odors of the outdoors, who can blame her?


  3. Nice to meet you! Thanks for sniffing your way over to my blog and pawing such a nice comment! You pups are gorgeous! And love the header photo of you two! You look so happy!

    I feel your pain. I do not like baths either. And doesn't it seem very unfair that when we do something super fun, like running and sliding in mud, we are tortured as a result by having to take a bath? Just so unfair...

    I hope you were given some yummy treats to make up for the horrible bath. ;->