Sunday, 27 November 2011


  • I've almost got Molly to learn the "bow" command. She's really cute doing it and can go really low too, the only problem is that she sometimes gets confused with 'bow' and 'down' so it's not 100% as of yet.. we're working on it though :-)

  • Jess has got a great deal better at playing and earlier on we me and her got to play fetch a whole 4 times before she walked a way bored. It's definitely a long winded process getting her to enjoy playing but when I see how happy Molly is when she's playing I always think Jess is missing out, so it's worth it!

  • I'm off to New York soon and I've never been that far away from my girls before. We have a family friend dropping in through the week and then my dad finished work at 6pm so although they have company I always worry about them when I'm away.

  • I've been trying to clicker train the girls in the car and on the lead after work lately and Molly is great in the car, Jess still some work but she's getting there.

  • The girls chasing instinct has been hiked up a notch recently and I'm not sure it's something I like. They go mental if they think a squirell is in the garden and every walk they seem to focus on finding rabbits. The thing is, it's so natural to them being dogs I'm not sure whether I should train them out of it or hope they'll never catch and kill an animal, hmmm....


  1. Good job in teaching Molly the "bow" command!! Keep it up!! :-D
    Jess does not interactively PLAY with you? Neither did my Rose!! Until RECENTLY, that is!! But we are STILL working on "fetch". Keep trying.... Jess will figure it out!! ;op
    NEW YORK? That sounds SO FAR AWAY!! I NEVER enjoyed leaving Shadow, when she was alive, either. If it helps to know, I, TOO, worried about her while WE were apart!! I kept my sanity though by writing Shadow "Love Notes" on POSTCARDS!! Yes, POSTCARDS!! Now they are KEEPSAKES!! :op
    Have fun in New York!! :)

  2. Aw, that is SO sweet with the postcards. I hate leaving my two but I've dreamed of seeing NY at christmas since I was about 7 so I have to go - I know I'll get a huge welcoming once I'm home though :-)

    Yeah, Jess has hardly ever played. When we adopted her the lady at the rescue home said that if a pup isn't allowed/taught to play it will grow up never knowing what to do. She's starting to do it but if I throw a ball she acts like I've chucked a bomb at her lol.

  3. "If a pup isn't allowed/taught to play it will grow up never knowing what to do." INTERESTING!! The way you describe Jess is TOTALLY my Rose.... SHE reacts to balls being like "bombs", as well!! ;op

  4. You know, not all doggies are born to retrieve, but I did manage to discover the joy of a ball chase with the help of some turkey hot dogs. Nom.

    The play bow is a good move because it stretches out your bottom muscles.


  5. Love the photos! They are such beauties!

    That is great how well they are taking to their training. My last dog, before Suka, was such a chaser of small animals that he actually pulled me down twice when taking off to chase a bunny while on leash. Ouch! I have always had breeds of dogs that were chasers. Usually it was never an issue, but sometimes that instinct would just kick in and off they would go.

    Have a wonderful visit in NYC! I know it is hard to leave your pups, but it sounds like they will be in good care.

    K and Suka