Sunday, 11 December 2011

yearly christmas shoot

I'm back from New York & missed my girls terribly (although they certainly got a few presents from the big city and I got one heck of a home coming)

As I'm feeling christmassy I thought I'd post the below, even if it is a little early :-)

Ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon I would make my family cards for special occasions. Doing this definitely made me prefer making them rather than buying cards that are produced thousand times over across the country. Of course, when I reached the teenage years I had a few off years.... and then came my love of photography & digital & editing etc.

and this once again started me making cards. They we're usually of the girls with my favourite picture of them that year... but not this year!

Now I don't have the proper screens or lights and I've made a thousand mistakes BUT photography is a growing experience and I'm that sort of person who learns whilst doing and gets better the more I do it.

So I got a few bed sheets and curtains, a few Christmas lights, one ring of tinsel and a father Christmas headband and WHOA-LA..... my girls Christmas cards were sorted!

Next time, I would love more lighting, I'd get more fairy lights and I'd prefer a proper screen but my two darlings were superb, their "stay" was spot on and I hardly noticed the drool that was bubbling at the sides as I balanced a slice of ham on my forehead whilst I took the picture - don't worry, they got rewarded frequently!

These arn't the actual cards but they're a few of the pictures taken to create them. This year, I got to do 3 versions of a christmas card for relatives. My eldest brother get Molly, My older brother get Jess & my parents get the two of them :-)


  1. Welcome back, Stacey!!
    These are WONDERFUL pictures!! But, of course, I am EASILY IMPRESSED.... Ha, ha, ha. ;)
    Seriously. your pictures are sweet, adorable, festive.... My FAVORITE is the LAST shot: When Jess and Molly posed TOGETHER!! ;op
    Do they LIKE being DRESSED UP?

  2. I love your photos! They are so creative and it is such a wonderful idea! Both Molly and Jess look so adorable, and the background looks really nice. Such a cool idea! I bet your friends and family will love these cards! And homemade is always the best way to go.

    So happy your pups gave you such a great welcome home! That is always a treat!

    Suka and K