Thursday, 29 December 2011


BIG things are planned for 2012!

First of I have decided to do a 52 week project of both my girls. I have thousands of pictures of them alone but only a handful of the two of them in the same picture and if I'm honest the pictures I have of them together aren't very good, so I'm hoping I'll have 52 chances of getting one I love.

I'm also seriously going to tackle the girls training and below I have written what they need to work on so I can look back. I'm hoping to document their progress with writing, pictures and videos and hopefully put them on here because I really need to see when they're doing good and what things are working.

I've recently made of list of the things I need to focus on training Jess and Molly.

It wasn't as large as I had initially expected when I picked up my pen but I know that the things we need to focus on is a large enough issue in itself.

For both dogs -
  1. To stop jumping on guests when they come into the house! (they're not overly bad on this one but I do have to think that some people don't want a dog running at them when they come in to a friends house)
  2. To stay relaxed and quiet at all times whilst in the car and when getting out for our walks - This is our biggest issue! Jess is a thousand times worse than Molly with this but even she needs some extra training with this.

For just Jess -
  1. To stop chasing after the post! It's not the postman she doesn't like, it's the actual letters flying into the house that she chews up with her teeth. Obviously, we can't have our packages half eaten so this needs some work.
  2. A tiny bit of socialising. Nothing huge, she doesn't need much of it but she could do with a bit of a confidence boost with some other dogs.

For just Molly -
  1. Leash training! She used to squeal down the road and she was so bad on the lead I would dread walking her but with a lot of time put in (and a lot of money spent on a trainer) she has got better now but it's not perfect and I know she's not far from being great!
  2. Dog to dog training! Molly is scared out of her wits of other dogs which makes her bark. I hate this trait in her and she's does have her good days where she is fine with other dogs but it's not 100% I couldn't even dream of welcoming another dog into our house at the moment. So training it is!
  3. To stop barking at the door - She's very happy to see guests when they're in the house and loves the cuddles but the initial moment when a stranger comes into her home makes her a little frenzied.
So there we have it. My training plan. I'm hoping that at the end of 2012 I will be writing that all these have been fixed and sorted..... but I'll give it my very best shot!

In other news... my brother has finally asked his girlfriend to marry him over Christmas and I have been asked to be bridesmaid :-) I'm ridiculously excited about this!

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  1. CONGRATS on being your brother's future wife's BRIDESMAID!! You have a RIGHT to feel excitement!! ;)
    CONFESSION: Jess' Number One training issue MADE ME SMILE. Seriously!! CHEWING UP letters and packages? ;-}
    GOOD LUCK in training.... DO post your victories on this blog!!
    A 52 week photography project with Molly and Jess? GOOD IDEA!! Of course, I could NEVER participate in such a project with my Rose.... She absolutely HATES having her pictures taken!! Oh well.... ;op