Sunday, 1 January 2012


When I adopted Jess, with Molly arriving there soon after I realised how different every animal is, when the puppies lived with me I could see there personalities blooming by the time they could open their eyes - Scooby was the playful, excited and very confident pup, Bobbie kept himself to himself, often sat on his own chewing something up, Millie was crazy, hyperactive and incredibly feisty & Molly was the fraidy cat, who just sat waiting for a few cuddles, didn't like the cold and knew how to command everyone attention.

Every dog has there own quirks that make them more than "just a dog" to their owner, so I thought I'd note down my girls traits that make them so unique from one another.

  • When she is outside in the garden and wants to come back in she throws her entire upper body against the patio windows to grab our attention, literally knocking on the door!
  • she's obsessed with getting under blankets, even if you have a dressing gown over you, she likes to get under with you
  • She can never contain her excitement!
  • She refuses to sleep in a dog bed much preferring the bean bag...
  • ..and when she gets on her bean bag, she turns in circles over and over again until she finds the perfect spot.
  • She loves to sit on people's knees the exact same way a toddler does! For example, if I'm sat on the floor she will cock one leg over my knee and sit there with one leg on each side.
  • She hates dog food and loves human food.
  • She's incredibly laid back and when she's outside and wants to come in, she will literally wait until we let her in, not a peep out of her in any way.
  • She has something in her mouth 75% of the time.
  • She's a thief! She rummages through cupboards and gets on top of tables and units when she things no-one is looking.
  • Every single time we come home from a walk she jumps up to try and lick my face... sort of like a "that was great walk thanks!"
  • She's 100% a toy motivated dog, food will bore her in minutes!
  • Every time I walk in to a room she's in, her tail will wag really fast... most adorable and sweetest thing ever that she's happy I entered the same room as her!
  • As soon as the fire is switched on she will go to lie next to it - just like my old cat did!

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  1. What fun and cute quirks, Stacey!! ;op
    I LOVE the picture of your girls PLAYING with each other!! How ADORABLE!! ;)
    Hey, this was your FIRST blog post of 2012!! ;-}
    Happy New Year!!