Saturday, 25 February 2012

Heart Murmur Diary #1 (Feb 2012)

Today I sent the girls for their routine booster shots. Everything was normal I didn't think anything of it.

Jess went first, she had her injection and I asked could she have her nails cut as I can't do them myself (she had her toes broken in her previous home and gets so upset it upsets me seeing her like that) I thought a stranger and a vet at that would be fine with it but after one nail he said he couldn't do it as she was so distressed. He's recommended filing them down over time which is probably the best way.

Then Molly came in, he checked her over, she had her injection and then he threw me bomb that said "she has a heart murmur". My throat tightened and I couldn't speak. She's only 3. Only turned 3 on Halloween.

I know people have a heart murmurs and it never affects them but dogs are only with us a short time as it is so  it really upset me that this early on her health is affected. I'm going back for a second opinion I think... and advice as I knew nothing about canine heart issues before today. But I'm going to keep a diary about it all, so I can keep track & this is the perfect place.

Weight Loss - 0 as we only found out today. I have to get her weight from 24kg to 20kg. 

  • Fainting - No
  • Laboured Breathing - No
  • Reluctance to exercise - No, she loves fetch as she always has. 
  • Tires Easily - She pants but is always up for more so I suppose, No?
  • Bluish tinge to gums or tongue - Nope, nice and pink :-)
  • Chronic hacking cough - Not that I've noticed but I'm keeping an eye out. 
  • Breathlessness - Yes. She pants very easy. I don't know whether that's cos she's over weight or if it's the murmur but lets pray that once she's at the 20kg she'll be as fit as a fiddle.
Diet - No more treats for family members. At all! I've warned my dad as he used to always give her biscuits. And she's going on a white meat only diet. Low salt. The best. 

Exercise - She had her sprints and a run today. She loved it and was my happy Boll. I'm unsure what exercise she's not/is allowed to do. Something to ask the vets. 

General personality/health - My happy girl as always. Always up for playing and currently snoring away in her dog bed :-)

Meal to try - Brown rice, Tripe, vegetables.

Gosh I love my pups.


  1. Oh, Stacey....
    Hmmmm.... I WANT to send you encouraging words. From "the other side of the pond". I WANT to tell you that everything will be okay. Canine ownership is a lot like motherhood in that whenever something is not right with our babies, we worry, worry, worry!! :-(
    Take care, "Friend". Keep us updated on Molly's progress!! :-}

  2. Thanks Raelyn - I have to say it was a shock! Thanks so much for the support though as it means a lot :-)

    I just need to get her weight down and a better diet and hopefully every thing should be ok