Saturday, 11 February 2012

the perfect day -

I've just seen a post from a pet photographer who does 'joy sessions' (photographing a dying/ill pet)
In the post it mentions giving your dog a perfect day before they pass away. 

Obviously I'm hoping my pups don't have to have their perfect day for many many years but it certainly got me thinking what I would want to include in their final fun off life, happy day. 

I think I may start (or try) to do this for their birthdays!

For Molly I think the following would have to be included in her perfect ideal day - 

  • Lots and lots and lots of Fetch
  • Lots of kisses and cuddles
  • a place she can run free off leash
  • a snuggle in front of the fire
  • Treats, food and all things yummy (meat, cheese, ice cream)
  • More fetch
  • a game of hide and seek (Find Me) 
  • a paddle in a pond
  • catch the treats 

For Jess, she's much more simpler - 

  • Kisses, cuddles and snuggles
  • Run, run, run off leash 
  • Explore the woods
  • Eat lots of human food
  • Have a go at playing fetch
  • go to sleep under the covers in my bed :-)
  • Agility!
Gosh I love them pups! 

Here's a small collage of the girls before bed time - Again, Molly playing and again, Jessie wanting bed time. 


  1. Great picture collage!! The one of Jess made me laugh!! Well.... Your words describing her wanting bedtime sure helped bring on my laughter!! Hee, hee, hee.... Jess' eyes were so droopy.... ;-D
    I love the idea of creating "perfect days" on Molly and Jess' birthdays!! That is cherishing these beautiful four-legged creatures with every second they give you.... A fine example.... I wonder what my Rose's "perfect day" would involve....
    Can you send a link to that blog so I can find it?

  2. This pictures are great! Your dogs are so cute! I love your reason behind the photos.

  3. Stacey!!
    You changed the background on your blog page!! I love it!! ;-D

  4. Thanks Raelyn, had a bit of spare time today so thought I'd do it! :-)